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‘Titalfall’ gets an M Rating thanks to the ability to blow enemies ‘into chunks'

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The ESRB has now officially given Respawn Entertainment’s upcoming mech-combat title, Titanfall, an M Rating due to blood and gore, strong language, and violence. As reported by Game Informer on Jan 18, a longer description of the game cited multiple times that the M Rating was given to the title as a result of players’ ability to cause their opponents to burst apart.

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Gamers can expect to experience graphic gameplay inside Titanfall as the game is described to feature weaponry that can “blow enemies apart into small chunks of flesh.” The ESRB listing later points out that “Titans can also punch enemy soldiers or crush enemy Titan pilots until they burst into chuncks.”

Despite the fact that players can pilot futuristic mech Titans, the game is cited to contain realistic depictions of combat that features cries of pain from soldiers to help create an atmosphere of battle. Adult language can also be found throughout the game’s dialogue.

Titanfall will release as a Microsoft console exclusive for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 in the spring of 2014. A PC version of the game will also be available at launch, but the game will not be heading to Playstation systems.

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