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Tissue Paper Crafts

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Tissue paper has long been a staple of elementary school art projects, but few people think about all of the things it can be used for. This cheap, eco-friendly art material has a variety of uses for both kids and adults. Try out these creative ideas:
1. School Dances – Proms, homecoming, and other school events are always in need of cheap, simple, yet beautiful decorations that students can make on their own with very little help. Be sure to order paper in school colors, and have students use it to make banners, flowers, butterflies, and other decorations.
2. Birthday Parties – Having a birthday party based around tissue paper may seem a little strange until you consider all the possibilities. Kids of all ages can make a variety of crafts during the party. Cut the paper into small pieces to use as confetti that can be vacuumed up later. Before the party, use the paper to make a piñata as a fun party game. Older kids could even have a piñata themed party where every child got to make a small paper mache creation to take home with them.
3. Parades – Use tissue paper to decorate floats. To do this, create a wire frame of a mascot or other decoration, then cover it with a mixture of glue and tissue paper. By using tissue paper instead of newspaper and paint, your creation will be much lighter and easier to carry, and it will take a lot less time to create it. Cut the paper into small pieces and toss it as confetti that will biodegrade on its own.
4. Murals – Tissue paper can be used to make beautiful three dimensional murals. Cut the paper into one inch squares, then wrap a square around the end of a pencil. Put a dot of glue on the paper, and attach it to a pre-sketched design. Keep adding pieces of tissue paper one by one until the design is completely filled in. This is a great idea for a class project; each student can work on a small section of a large mural, or have each student make a small mural on their own.

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