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Tisei is a refreshing choice

Massachusetts Congressional candidate Richard Tisei
Massachusetts Congressional candidate Richard Tisei
Richard Tisei

Richard Tisei is the type of candidate Massachusetts needs in order to help restore balance and functionality in Congress. The midterm elections will be a pivotal , political moment in our nation and for Massachusetts with his vying for the 6th district congressional seat long-held by Democratic Congressman John Tierney

Tisei has a balance of convictions that present a moderate profile which is so sorely needed in congress today . With the ability to ‘cross the aisle” and not engage in party-centric politics Tisei is virtually an independent in an entrenched ,highly polarized with an historically secured reputation of ineffectiveness as measured by the lowest volume of legislation ever produced by a congressional legislative entity .

His position mix may be problematic only for those inclined to strictly tow a party line; that being both Democrats and Republicans.

Otherwise, for me and many other voters of various party affiliations or defined as un-enrolled Richard Tisei’s profile ; pro-choice, pro-business, pro-tax relief for working families, pro –enhanced gun restrictions , reasonable reforms in education without state control in exchange for federal funding ( ie. Centralized control) is re-assuring. These are all good indicators of a well grounded candidate that can appeal to various philosophies and lead to effectiveness in working with conflicting constituencies and affiliations in order to get things done.

Tisei’s independence and courage to stand on convictions are requisite conditions for a functionary in a troubled institution that has squandered its collective privilege to serve the people of Massachusetts.

On November 4th we can deliver the change needed to return congress to an institution that serves the people.

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