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'Tis The Season To Be Scared

A ghostly spectre can be seen taking the stairs of a local haunted house.
A ghostly spectre can be seen taking the stairs of a local haunted house.

It's Halloween. So it's the time of year when it's fun to be scared to death.

There is nothing as much fun as sitting around with friends and foes listening to ghost stories. The only thing more fun than a really creepy ghost story is hearing a story that is true.

Fortunately, Southern California is full of legendary haunted locations. From the Forever Hollywood Cemetery to the Los Rios district in San Juan Capistrano, no one in the Los Angeles area is living very far from where ghosts are said to be haunting.

There are some great websites and guide books to haunted locations. One of the best is Coastal Ghosts of Southern California by Anita Yasuda. You might even find out that you're living a lot closer than you want to your local ghost.

Are you a fan of Ghost Hunters? I can't look away. My favorite episode is one that takes place in a house on its own island in New York. It scared me to death. I also still have nightmares about an episode in a castle in Romania. It's the tour of Eastern Europe that I've NOT been dreaming of. Want to know what it's like to be a real-life ghost hunter? Check out Your Neighborhood Gives Me The Creeps. You'll get the creeps too.

It turns out that Dan Aykroyd wasn't just using his very creative imagination when he wrote the screenplay for the hit movie "Ghostbusters." His family has a history with ghosts. His father is a long time fan of the spirit world and you can find out more in Peter Aykroyd's new book, The History of Ghosts.

Get scared this Halloween. Read a book...and bring a friend. You won't want to be alone.