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'Tis the season for leg warmers

When paired correctly, leg warmers can keep all of your cute little skirts on constant rotation during the cold months.
When paired correctly, leg warmers can keep all of your cute little skirts on constant rotation during the cold months.

It’s December – pretty soon we can expect the temperature to drop even lower and we all know what accompanies those lower degrees – snow! I don’t know about you but I absolutely love fun and flirty skirts, so when the temperature drops, so does my enthusiasm about this little fashion obsession that I have. Well not this season. I refuse to let the cold weather stop me from wearing all of my favorite skirts. I mean, honestly, is there a rule that says one should only be allowed to dress that way in the warm seasons? I didn’t think so!

So, listen up ladies – it’s time to bring out the leg warmers! I know what you’re thinking – how is a pair of leg warmers going to keep me from freezing in the cold weather? Well, according to various sources, if you’re able to keep your feet warm, the warmth spreads through your body – thus, you don’t freeze that much. Yes, I know it’s not the same as wearing those cute little skirts when it’s warm, but should we suffer the consequences just because of where we live? Should our skirts repeatedly be pushed to the back of our closets during the cold months? No! We shouldn’t be punished and neither should our wardrobe. Let’s talk specifics. If you want to pull off the look, you need to follow some rules:

  • First of all, if your wearing heels that sparkle, DO NOT wear leg warmers that sparkle – the same goes if you're wearing a skirt that sparkles – too much is never a good idea. You will look like you just finished rolling around in a box of glitter. Pretty simple rule, I know, but believe it or not, I’ve seen it recently on the streets of Aurora and that was a dreadful sight to see.
  • Second of all, don’t be afraid of color. If your outfit is a solid black color, add a pair of leg warmers with a color that pops. It will add some personality and take you from dull to ‘here I am’ instantly – and don’t deny it, we all love being the center of attention every once in a while so why not now? However, if your outfit is full of color, it's probably a good idea to tone it down a little with some solid, neutral colored ones.
  • Finally, don’t be afraid to pair leg warmers with printed pantyhose – if done correctly this look has runway model written all over it. To pull of this look, search for patterns that compliment each other.

My favorite part of leg warmers, besides the fact that you can wear skirts, is the fact that they’re cheap and available almost everywhere. If you’re on a budget, you can buy them at Walmart. If you feel like splurging a bit, you can buy some really cute ones at Nordstrom – they even have some with a stirrup bottom for high heels! Either way, have fun this season with this fun way to style your look and FYI, leg warmers would make a really cute and fun Christmas gift!

What do you think about leg warmers? Are they hot or not? What are some ways you accessorize to help make them work? Email me at XOXO!

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