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Tis the season for holiday movies

Opening in theaters today, Disney’s A Christmas Carol is the closest rendition to the original classic written by Charles Dickens. Which would explain its glowingly dark reviews. Be warned, despite its PG rating, and the Disney banner, this is, without question, being considered the most intensely frightening Christmas Carol made for the big screen.

Open in theaters November 4th, check local listings
Open in theaters November 4th, check local listings

The use of motion--capture technology lends to the creepiness of this film, much like Polar Express, giving the animated characters a realistic quality, although some will be left feeling an awkward emptiness. This type of animation utilizes the genius quirkiness of Jim Carrey playing several characters, including Scrooge at all ages, as well as lending his voice for the ghosts of Christmas past and present. Although his voice is absent for the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, you can see the Carrey-ism movements used through the animated technology.

Rene Rodriguez, Movie Critic for the Miami Herald shares his excitement; "For a while, Disney's A Christmas Carol almost looks too good: The visuals are so entrancing, the creases in Scrooge's wrinkled skin so vividly rendered. You’re marveling at the movie instead of watching it, and when viewed on a giant screen via 3D glasses, Disney's A Christmas Carol becomes what we old-timers used to call an “E-ticket ride."

Not every reviewer is captivated by the film – The Seattle Film Buff adds,"Disney's marketing department would have you believed that this is an exciting, thrill ride of a Christmas movie." Others warn the PG rating is deceiving, the writer from called it the "most intensely frightening Christmas Carol I’ve ever seen."

So, you might ask,  if it is so scary why go see it? Redemption, we all need it.

This classic tale reminds us, even through this entertaining, harmless animated thriller,  the ultimate redeeming love and grace that is the Christmas spirit, given to us through the birth of the savior of the world, Jesus Christ.

Check local listings for a showtime near you.



  • Laurie 5 years ago

    What a great description! It is such a classic. I look forward to seeing this newest version.