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"Tis the Season"; for dumping faithful, helpless hounds, pups in AL

Flomaton, AL - Found, nearly dead, deserted hounds, including Mama Dog,11 pups, born by desolate creek  - betrayed.
Flomaton, AL - Found, nearly dead, deserted hounds, including Mama Dog,11 pups, born by desolate creek - betrayed.
Rodica Angel

"Tis the season", a season of animal cruelty, all too familiar to animal advocates and animal shelters in Alabama. At the end of hunting season, hunters routinely commit the crime of abandoning helpless hounds in the woods to fend for themselves, or die.

Flomaton, AL - Found, nearly dead, deserted Mama Dog, 11 pups, born by desolate creek  - betrayed by owners.
Rodica Angel

They named her "Kristie", at the shelter. Nobody knows if she ever had a name. She was found following a phone call that reported a stray dog by a creek out in a rural area in Escambia County. Little did Animal Control officers know that there was not only one, but a whole family waiting for help.

A.C. Officers said that "Kristie" was so emaciated and weak that she could barely stand, but she stood to guard over her 11 tiny puppies, as she had done through the undetermined number of long frightening nights spent alone.

Kristie had forged out a little nest by the creek for the 11 puppies to whom she had most likely given birth in these same woods. What she ate, how she could stay alive to feed such a large litter, no one will ever know.

Her protective stance gave way to humble, heart-shattering gratitude, and an attempt to wag her poor skinny tail. Shelter staff say that "Kristie" was so exhausted that she slept for a day and night right by the side of her pups, only waking to nurse and eat.

Wednesday, another young female Tree-Walking Hound was found near the same location. She, too, was at death's door, starved and riddled with mange, insect bites .....and despair. "Katie Sue", according to shelter staff and volunteers, is "as sweet as Kristie", so forgiving and loving."

"Katie Sue" needs immediate veterinary treatment that the shelter is not able to provide. "Kristi" and pups are in danger of falling ill in an animal facility environment, and need rescue or adoption as soon as possible.

If you can offer rescue, foster, adoption or wish to donate to necessary veterinary treatment for two brave hounds and 10 week old pups, survivors of the cruel act of abandonment, please contact: The Humane Society of Escambia County, AL, Executive Director Renee Correll Jones, at 251-296-2275 or email to save them.

The shelter is in desperate need of food donations. Adult dog, puppy and kitten chow, as well as canned food for both dogs and cats. Please help by dropping off a bag or two, or donate to HSEC account by clicking on the "donate now" button at

Volunteers, supporters and advocates on Facebook, plead to the public and rescues, "Help restore these deserving dogs' faith in mankind."

The Humane Society of Escambia County at 27330 Hwy 31 Flomaton, AL, 36441, telephone (251) 296-2275. Please contact


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