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Tired of winter? Grab a seed catalog

The promise of seeds
The promise of seeds

For a great many of us we have had enough of winter. And for most of us we could use a little escape from this winter and a great way to do that is to open up a seed catalog and lose oneself in the myriad of different seeds and the promise that they bring. Now is a great time to start planning one's garden since there is not much else one can do right now, especially if you have a foot or two of snow in the garden. Of note, for some vegetables and flowers now is the time to start the seeds indoors under lights, so as to be ready for planting once the conditions are right.

There are dozens of seed catalogs available from many different types of seed companies, some who provide seeds for home gardeners, some for commercial gardeners and some for both. They all have one thing in common, they all contain a multitude of different varieties of flowers, fruits and vegetables, more than any one person could ever grow at one time in one's garden. This can make choosing what to grow difficult, but it is a nice kind of difficult. Also, as always, the new year brings new varieties, a chance to expand your variety list and try something new and different, another fun aspect of gardening.

For those of you who do not have any seed catalogs (and why do you not have seed catalogs) all the seed companies do have online catalogs for you to peruse at your convenience. Plus, ordering online is also a great way to speed up the ordering process. A great seed company for the small space gardener can be found here. Keep in mind, the varieties found at your local garden center or home improvement store are limited so if you want to try something different such as an old heirloom (many of the old varieties tend to be more flavorful than the newer hybrids) then the seed catalog or the online catalog is the way to go.