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Tire recommendation for a Toyota Prius

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What is the best tire for 2009 Toyota Prius? I live in Massachusetts and I've gone thru 2 sets of Integrity tires since 2010. Gas mileage is important to me but I’m only getting a year out of them and I average 15,000 miles per year.
- Diane in Massachusetts

Hello Diane,

The bad news is the Integrity has a tread wear warranty of 6 years or 50,000 miles. If both of your 15,000 mile sets were replaced by the same shop and they, or Goodyear, didn't give you a warranty credit, I would ask them to provide you a new set of tires. If you have the documentation, Goodyear may provide assistance. It might be a long shot with the first set, but worth a try. This may obligate you to another set of Goodyears though. For future reference, 15,000 with even tread wear is absolutely inexcusable for anything but a high performance car tire or something else extreme.

The good news is there are better tires that cost less with superior performance and warranties. If you go on the long-established and popular website and search by your tire size of 185/65/15 you'll find a large selection of good tires. One of the top rated choices, for only $57 per tire and a tread wear warranty of 5 years or 70,000 miles with free replacement in the first three years if the tread is worn down to 2/32", is the Firestone Precision Touring tire. It is an all-season tire which you need in your region. Fuel milage differences between similar tires will be very small, and I don't recommend shopping on that criteria alone.

Since shipping may not be convenient for you, Tire Rack has recommended installers and tire shops usually will match the price to within $10 per tire or so to cover shipping.

Good luck on your next set, keep me posted!