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Tips To Winterize Your Car: Is Your Car Battery Ready For Winter?

With the advent of the snow and winter storms with ice storms happening in some parts of the country, it seems a good time to share a video with our readers on 'Is Your Car Battery Ready For Winter?: Tips To Winterize Your Car'.

One of the most important things with getting a car ready for winter and winter storms is of course, making sure your battery is good; another is to make sure your car has antifreeze levels suitable for the cold temperatures in your area.

Another tip we like is to be sure your car has been recently waxed to prevent the salt and brine from getting on your car and causing rust if it's not cleaned after driving through the salty slush left by the traffic.

The Nashville area and many points east and north of us have been forecast to experience cold weather, along with a winter storm which is coming along with an arctic blast of snow, ice and sleet, which probably will cause a lot of school closures. The schools in Nashville were due to reopen on Monday from the Christmas holiday break, but this has changed, with the forecast of the predicted winter storm.

From our local CBS affiliate, TV News Channel 5, WTVF, comes this report:

Officials with Metro Nashville Public Schools announced plans to push back the first day of school after the winter break for thousands of students in anticipation of the weather. The initial calendar called for a teacher planning day on Monday, with students returning to class on Tuesday, unless officials decide otherwise.

To prepare for the extreme cold, the Mayor's office, in coordination with the Office of Emergency Management, Fire Department, and Metro Nashville Police Department said it aims to keep people safe, warm and off the streets.

If you don't have to get out, stay home, stay warm and stay safe! Thanks for reading and leave us notes in the comment section below, please.

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