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Tips to Winterize Your Car: Make Sure Your Car's Fluids Are Ready

With the anticipated winter storm and hard freeze which is in our forecast for tonight and tomorrow, we thought we'd share another video in our series of 'Tips to Winterize Your Car' with this video titled 'Make Sure Your Car's Fluids Are Ready for Winter'.

Winter storms in the wintertime's freezing temperatures and the ice, sleet and snow which is now forecast for our area will certainly be nothing to make light of. We would like to caution our readers to be careful when walking out the door, as ice can unexpectedly build up on doorsteps and walkways. Especially, this is something older residents need to be aware of, plus, make sure you are well-prepared with layers of clothing to help keep yourself warm.

Watch the attached video for some helpful hints on preparing your car for winter, then leave us a note below, letting us know if you have other tips we can share with our Examiner column readers.

The Nashville area and surrounding parts of Tennessee have been placed under a 'Winter Weather Advisory' status, with winter storms on the way and should not catch any of the mid-state residents unaware unless residents just don't hear or see it on the social media sites or on our local radio and television stations.

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