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Tips To Winterize Your Car: Are Your Tires Ready For Winter?

One of the last things we may think of when wintertime and winter storms come along, may be whether we have good enough tires to last us throughout the snowy and icy season. One thing we don't want to happen is get stranded anywhere along the highway on a trip we may be making during the winter season. Besides the cold weather being a possible hazard if we are stranded on the road, there is also the danger of an automobile being hit by another motorist when it is pulled off the road. There have been incidents of stalled or broken-down vehicles getting struck by other drivers who do not realize that a car is stopped or stalled along the highway.

Check out the attached video in our series of 'Tips to Winterize Your Car', with the video titled: 'Are Your Tires Ready For Winter?' and then write down any tips you may have for our readers in the spaces provided below.

Be careful during this wintry season and be safe in your travels by preparing your vehicle for the wintertime so that unexpected problems along the highway may be prevented.

Nashville is expecting a low in the single-digits in the next few days with these winter storms, so bundle up, and be prepared!

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