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Tips to Staying On Track - Holiday Edition

Well, it is that time of the year for the overwhelming holiday dinners, company outings, and just an overall abundance of food. It is particularly concerning with the preset menus with little or no healthy choices. Here are some tips to ride the holiday wave and end the year staying true to your reslutions:

1. Regardless of the available choices, opt for the "dry" entrees, meaning opt for grilled chicken, salmon, or beef.

2. Stay away from any entrees or eat half of creamy items, some of the worse ones are glaced, meaning covered in sugar, very popular this time of the year.

3. If at all possible, get your veggies or sides grilled, baked or steamed. Regardless of whether it's potatoes, plantains or rice.

4. Share, eat half or refuse the dessert altogether. It can be very tempting, but here is where you need to compromise to stay on track.

5. If you are consuming alcohol, stay away from frozen drinks. Choose instead a vodka/juice combination, a mojito without the extra sugar, a cosmo or a simple glass of wine. If you are a beer fan, nowadays there are several light versions available. Limit your intake to one serving, since these liquid calories can quickly add up.

6. Hours d'ouevres are tricky too. First scout the options available and if you must have these, use a napkin or tray and serve yourself the portion you want to consume and leave it at that.

These tips should help you stay on track! There are some wonderful choices this holiday season. Some of my favorites are:

1. Essencias seasonal Fall menu

2. Gordon Biersch's "On The Lighter Side" menu

3. Altamare's fresh seafood menu

4. Season's 52 seasonal menu


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