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Tips to stay warm and healthy during the snow storm

Spring is not very far away now that we’ve already made it to February without notice. Just week ago families were opening Christmas gifts and drinking egg nog. Since the East Coast has been hit with some heavy snow storms back to back, the Spring Equinox sounds pretty sweet. But there are still some winter weather advisories that are coming before Mother Nature cuts us a break, and to prepare for those storms, here are some ways to prepare and stay healthy:

Stock up on non-perishables
You may not need a storm shelter but it will be great to have a pantry or cabinet where you can stock on canned goods and other non perishables incase the snowfall is too much to make it to the Supermarket for several days.

Have Batteries and Bottled water handy
You may lose power during the storm, so making sure you have batteries and water will ensure you won’t be completely in the dark and you’ll be able to survive until your power can be restored.

Dress warmly and eat/drink hot food
Always dress in layers. Even if you think it’s not cold enough for layers, you should always shield your body from the cold to avoid hyperthermia. Drinking hot tea and soup can also assist in keeping your body warm and also from getting sick.

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