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Tips to save money without a lot of effort

Easy ways to save money
Easy ways to save money
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With the price of everything going up like gas, and groceries, many households need to save money wherever they can. Here are some money saving tips that can be done without a lot of effort.

1. Save money on birthday and holiday gifts buying sale items you find throughout the year. Not only will it help save money by buying ahead, it will save a lot of time and stress in December.

2. Whenever you have change throw it into a change jar. It will add up fast, and by the end of the year your change will have turned into dollars.

3. While you have probably heard it before, eating before grocery shopping really does work. You are less likely to throw extra items into your cart when you have a full stomach.

4. Before grocery shopping, plan your week's meals according to what is on sale in the store flyers. This is especially good to do with meats and produce.

5. When cooking a meal make a double batch, and freeze the extra. Having a meal already on hand is great for busy nights when you do not have time to cook. It will also make it easier not to have take out or fast food for dinner.

6. If you do want to eat out, try to always use a coupon. Many chain restaurants like Outback, Olive Garden, and IHOP frequently offer coupons in the coupon flyers for money off and free meals. Join the rewards club for your favorite restaurants to have coupons and specials sent right to your email. Many rewards program offer free meals when you earn enough points. IHOP sends their members free meal coupons several times a year.

7. If you like to go to movies, going to the matinee (usually before 6 pm) saves several dollars per person. It is also good to eat before seeing a movie, because you are less like to want expensive popcorn and drinks. Many theaters also offer rewards programs where you can earn free movies, and concessions.

8. Instead of buying expensive movies and books, borrow them from the library for free. After watching or reading you can decide if you really want a copy. There are many books and movies that you will only want to read/see once

9. If you are going to be out for a long time during the day, bring snacks and water with you. Having them on hand, will make it less likely that you will want to make a run through the drive thru.

10. Comparison shop your big purchases. If you are considering buying something big, do some research online before you head to the store. Check out the price as several stores, so you know which store has the best price.

By doing small things like those listed, you will see a difference in how much you spend each month.


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