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Tips to save fashion dollars at the register

There are many tips one can use to save fashion dollars at register. Some do it through economic necessity, others simply loving a bargain and some who can spend hours in thrift shops. Not all people are, or even want to be, thrifty fashion shoppers. Yet, as many live on limited budgets and see reduced prices on trendy, chic fashions, shoppers are tending to become more and more concerned about thrift. A simple place to begin is with the statement: If you don’t need it, don’t buy it. Treat clothing as if it were groceries. No one would buy twelve dozen eggs or sixteen pints of milk simply because they were on sale. Buy what you need when you need it.

Save money at the checkout resigter
Junior Libby

Here are some simple tips that will help you save even more at the register:

  • Think before you shop. Look at advertisements in the local newspaper, in this column, on television, and other reliable sources of information. Consider what different stores have to offer and how their quality and prices compare. Always try to choose the best quality at the lowest price
  • The cheapest brand is not always the best bargain. It may be of lesser quality, have more flaws or imperfections, or be part of an odd lot. Check things like seams, buttons, zippers, hems and decorative detail before buying. If it is not perfect in the store, it will not be perfect in your closet.
  • Don’t be afraid to plan ahead and think outside the box. During the spring, it might be the perfect time to shop for next Christmas and stash things away for the holidays. Be careful of sizes, especially when shopping for children. Since nothing can be returned next winter, purses, wallets, fashion jewelry, robes, scarves, sweaters and other fashion items that do not need to fit perfectly are excellent choices.
  • Finally, start with basic, neutral colors that will match almost everything. Blacks, denims and chinos are especially good for mixing and matching. One good pair of slacks or jeans can go many miles when paired with three or four different, trendy, fashionable tops. Beige and ivory are great for dresses and can be the basis for a whole palette of chic colors.
  • Last but not least, always accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative as much as possible. Choose clothing that is flattering and easy to wear. Make sure it fits well, falls evenly, and doesn’t pull or bind. Conceal figure flaws with well-fitting apparel best suited to your particular figure type. The better it looks and feels, the more it will be worn and enjoyed.

Watch the video to see Jill Cataldo's tricks for getting deals on clothes.

As always, maximize your style and minimize your spending~

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