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Tips to relieve pregnancy-related back pain

While every pregnancy is different in its own unique way, many, unfortunately, include back pain as a considerable obstacle. During later stages of pregnancy, it can be difficult to find much comfort, but back issues can cause genuine pain that is tough to dissipate.

Many healthcare providers are, of course, loathe to prescribe medications, and women find themselves looking for safe forms of relief. The following tips are a few ways pregnant women may be able to decrease their discomfort and alleviate their back pain.

Talk to Your Doctor

It's always important to tell your healthcare provider about any symptoms you're feeling during pregnancy. While your doctor may not wish to prescribe some medications, there may be some that are safe to take while pregnant.

If you prefer to abstain from medication, as many women do while pregnant, your doctor may have some specific advice for you. If you are working or performing tasks that exacerbate your pain, your doctor may have some tips that can provide relief as well as recommendations for performing your job or tasks in a manner that reduces your pain.

Gentle Activity

With your physician's approval, of course, you might try some daily stretching to loosen up your muscles. Gentle activity may prevent you from feeling stiff and allow you more endurance during the day.

Many pregnant women experience more pain as the day goes by. So, if you begin your day with some stretching and activities that promote back strength, you may be able to reduce your pain and function better throughout the day. A little light exercise can also lift your mood and help you de-stress.

Maternity Support Belt

When you use a maternity support belt or pregnancy band as they are sometimes called, you may experience considerable relief from back pain. The added support of the band provides women with the relief they need to get through their day. Moreover, these bands can also be used after the birth of the baby when support may still be needed as women try to reduce their pregnancy weight.


Watch Your Posture

Slouching and sitting improperly can increase back pain any time, but certainly during pregnancy. Therefore, it's essential to practice good posture to protect the muscles in your lower back. If you don't use good posture, you could put added strain on the lower back, which is already dealing with the pressure from the weight of the pregnancy. By using good posture and sleeping on your side, you may be able to decrease some back pain.

If you are pregnant and beginning to experience that tell-tale back pain associated with pregnancy, you can try these tips for some relief. Carrying a child isn't easy for many women, and it can put your body to the test. However, many tips such as these do help. Try them to see for yourself.

Again, check with your doctor to make sure you are approved to for forward with these tips. If you have any concerns, you can discuss them with your doctor.

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