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Tips to prevent a Halloween hangover

Milk thistle can help protect your liver this Halloween.
Milk thistle can help protect your liver this Halloween. Fir0002/Flagstaffotos,_version_1.2

Before you indulge in wicked brews and tasty treats this Halloween, take some additional measures to ensure you and your digestive system feel spooktacular the day after.

Hydrate: Water is the most essential ingredient to processing toxins in your system. Hydration is especially important when drinking diuretics like alcohol at Denver's mile high altitude. Try to drink an extra glass of water for each alcoholic beverage you consume.

Milk Thistle:  This herb from a spiky purple plant protects your liver cells from damage and toxicity. Stock up at local natural foods stores like Vitamin Cottage or a supplement store like GNC. Take a dose before and after your Halloween celebration.

Healthy Food First: Eat a healthy meal before you start consuming sugar and alcohol to dilute the effects of both in your digestive system. Eating protein is especially recommended because Thiamine (vitamin B1) helps process alcohol.

Calcium: Alcohol and sugar make your body more acidic as they are digested. This causes your metabolism to pull calcium from your bones to alkalize your body pH. Take a calcium supplement with your pre-party meal to keep your pH in check.

Pace: Take time to enjoy the party and sip slowly. Your liver can only process about two teaspoons of alcohol per hour, which means it can take hours to completely metabolize a beer or two. Slowing down may keep you clear-headed enough to stop drinking before the hangover is unavoidable.

Have Fun: Guilt and stress release toxic hormones that compound the negative effects of alcohol and sugar. So relax and enjoy the night!