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Tips to look like a celeb after 45 or older

The beautiful and gorgeous Sandra Bullock turned fifty recently and is most definitely still looking stellar. Right along with Sandra, Jennifer Lopez turned forty-five this July, proving to women all over that we can still be sexy after forty! Both women have remained stunning if not even becoming more beautiful as they have aged. Sandra and Jennifer are both incredible powerful women, who are dedicated to their careers and families like many of us.

Jennifer Lopez
Photo by Larry Busacca
Sandra Bullock has 50th birthday.
Photo by Cindy Ord

Here are a few tips to share that will help you look great at 45 like J-Lo.

  1. Always wash, tone, and use a facial moisturizer. Night creams are anti-aging and they are what keeps your skin looking its best. Using a moisturizer prior to foundation will help protect the pores from the makeup.
  2. Always wear sunscreen. This will help keep you from aging quicker.
  3. Use a makeup that has an spf15 or higher in it to help give you everyday protection.
  4. Eat right. Eating fatty fried foods all the time can lead to poor health and unhealthy looking skin.
  5. Exercise is always a great way to stay youthful. This is excellent for everything all around.
  6. Take time for you. Whether it's going to get a pedicure or manicure, or maybe even a facial or a massage. Either way everyone needs time for themselves and these are great outlets to unwind with.
  7. Try not to stress! Easier said then done, but sometimes quite possible.
  8. Get some sleep. Sleep is important and it keeps you young.

These tips will help keep you looking your best. A lot of celebrities have people guiding them in the right direction, and you should too. Agents make sure their stars get what ever they need, so you should make sure you get everything you need to look young and beautiful also. It's not always easy to make time for yourself, especially as the woman of the house but sometimes you have to force yourself to make time because no one else will.

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