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Tips to keeping your resolutions

Or at least keep one....
Or at least keep one....
Jennifer Streit 2010

With over a full week of the new year already gone, resolutions are still on everyone's mind. Here in Denver, the weather has been cold but increasingly nicer, making it easy to look forward to a new year and even start hoping for spring. It's easier to stick to resolutions when it's so bright and sunny, but winter isn't over and soon, struggling with those resolutions will be harder to keep.

Many stay at home mom's have made resolutions regarding their parenting, family time, mom time and health but when you make too many it's hard to keep any of them, even with the good weather.  Here are ten tips to help you keep all your resolutions, even when jack frost starts nipping yet again!

1. Concentrate on one goal or resolution at a time. Most require a change in routine or breaking a habit. Once you think you have that change down try incorporating another, without losing the first.

2. Two words: BABY STEPS. It is easier to tackle any project in small chunks, so break it up a little and concentrate on one thing at a time. For example: If you have made a resolution to increase the amount of family time that you spend with one another, don't rush to change your entire routine at once. Start by making a point of spending an extra ten minutes a day really focusing on your kids or husband, or make a point of having family night once a month and moving to weekly.

3. Tell everyone you know about the goal. When you tell other people, it becomes more concrete. If you don't tell anyone about your resolution to wake up ten minutes early to do sit-ups, then when you don't do it, no one knows or asks you. Other people can help support you only if you talk to them about your resolution. This means your husband, in particular.

4. Enlist a 'buddy'. A bit cliche perhaps but valid nonetheless. When you have someone to help with your goal, you become accountable to the other person. If you resolve to eat healthier, having someone to swap recipes with is invaluable. That person can motivate you or bring you down though so make sure you buddy with someone who is committed.

5. REWARD yourself for a job well done. After all, what's the point in a goal without a reward for reaching it? Your reward should reflect your goal a bit though. If you reward yourself with an entire plate of chocolate chunk brownies (and really, who doesn't like that idea?) for sticking with a healthier diet, you kind of shot yourself in the....well, wherever the brownies stick to you. If healthier eating was your goal and you stuck to it, try a reward more deserving of the accomplishment, like leaving the kids home with Dad or hiring a baby sitter and spending the whole day at the spa (try Woodhouse Day Spa) or have a deliciously good time at the Mercury Cafe (they even have Gluten-free options). 

What are your tips for keeping resolutions? Comment or email, let us know!


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