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Tips to keep your cat safe

Thank you for protecting me
Thank you for protecting me
Karla Kirby

It’s a dangerous world for a cat and many loving caretakers still let their cats go outside. There are also those times when a strictly indoors cat slips outside, sometimes so stealthily, they go unnoticed...

Below is a list of key things to do to keep your cat safe:

ID your feline. Choose an ID tag and microchip in the event your kitty gets lost or gets out and loses his/her collar. Many are never reunited with their cats because the cats don't have any form of identification when found, sometimes miles and miles away.

Keep a collar on your cat to identify him/her anyway. Collars aren’t always lost. Every cat should have his/her own collar. This is the best way to be brought back together with your feline swiftly if she/he is ever injured or lost. You'd be astonished how regularly this occurs.

Keep a cat carrier near the door in the event you need to get out of the house speedily with your cat(s) particularly in case of a fire or other dangerous emergencies. Keep several cat carriers if you have multiple cats.

Keep fire safety stickers on the house so fire fighters will know how many felines are inside.

Also keep a close eye on your cat for problems and know the common symptoms of illness. Call your veterinarian right away when you notice a problem, no matter how slight it may seem.

Have emergency phone numbers handy such as the veterinarian, poison control, humane society, emergency clinic, and animal rescue. Print out and keep this list handy. You may need it today.

The more well prepared you are to deal with an emergency situation, the better. Take all necessary steps to keep your cat safe

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