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Tips to keep kids warm in costumes

Even the cat gets into it!
Even the cat gets into it!
author copyright 2009

Halloween is a magical and fun day for most kids. Here in Colorado it is also cold. No parent wants to see the costume covered by a heavy coat, but no one wants their child to be cold either. Here are a few tips for keeping your little goblin covered.

1. Whatever the costume is, have them wear thermal pants or tights. Little legs will be warm, keeping heat in all over.

2. Consider long - sleeved costumes. Even fairies must wear long sleeves occasionally so why not on Halloween? Your child will be warmer and just as adorable.

3. Long sleeves under the costume. Thermal shirts or leotards keep them toasty.

4. Take short trips, 2-3 houses, at a time. When you aren't walking them to doors, have them sitting in a warm car, or go home between trips to warm up.

5. Have a warm, filling meal before trick or treating. Chili, Eyeball Stew, and more make great pre-trick or treat meals!

6. Hot cocoa on cold night is always warming!