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Tips to hiking Case Mountain, Manchester CT

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Tips to hiking the back side of Case Mountain. Park at Birch Mountain Road, take the pathway into the forest grab the white trail made of gravel, take a left which will take you to the top or take a right and visit Case Pond first. Taking the white trail offers many choices and different opportunities.

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First you can take the blue trail which will cross the white trail. Turn right, go across the mountain brook and then up along the blue mountain trail. After you reach a point where there are many signs, take a left along the blue trail which will run along the cliffs. The trail is fairly safe and makes for a very enjoyable hike with its wide ledge rock to cross along, while watching the trail re-appear below.

Just about 200 feet up the trail on the mountain; a Vernal pool exists. Soon this will have an orchestra filled with chirping of the newborn frogs and anxious crickets. It is on the right along the blue trail and is very easy to miss; as you make your way up. Just keep going on the blue trail to get to the top, then take a right on the yellow trail. You will begin to see the horizon through the trees.

Soon the clearing that is known as Lookout Mountain will appear. Now you have reached one of the best viewpoints of Hartford from this mountain, with absolutely no obstructions. Accept that one lone set of trees.

Please read the next article for more tips and a clever shortcut to the top.