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Tips to help your pet sitter

Leave out everything you expect a pet sitter to need. A basic list may include:

  • Food
  • Extra bowls
  • towels for any clean up
  • leash
  • poop bags
  • treats
  • a printed sheet of instructions- see below

Leave good notes:

  • Organize your notes "by the visit" ie what is expected in the morning visit (feeding, let out, walk, any special routine) the noon visit (longer walk, water refil etc.), and the night visit. Be sure to include information on the qty. of food your dog gets at each meal.
  • Leave a good list of contact numbers. List your personal cell phone number and email address if possible, the number to your vets office in case of emergency, phone number of the hotel/resort/relative where you will be staying
  • If your dog is used to a certain path/route for a walk, be sure to map it out for your pet sitter.


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