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Tips To Help You Slim Down in 2010

Try to make some of your favorites from restaurants at home!  Save on fat and sodium!
Try to make some of your favorites from restaurants at home! Save on fat and sodium!

Local fitness expert and nutrition trainer, Amber O'Neil of Cafe Physique in Atlanta, suggest these simple tips to help you achieve your weight loss and nutrition goals this season.

Go Green.  Used by many Eastern Medicine practices, research still supports the idea that green tea can aid in weight loss while also helping to lower bad cholesterol levels.  Green tea has been shown to raise your body's resting metabolic rate as well as providing the body with useful antioxidants.

Fill Up On fiber. People consuming more dietary fiber tend to accomplish their weight loss goals quicker and have better luck maintaining them, because it prevents them from overeating too much at each meal.

Eat Right, Not less.  Americans are notorious for overeating.  From buffets, to potlucks and over indulgence in fried foods and southern food for most Atlanta natives, food is abundant!  Add these over indulgences to inconsistent consumption of calories and yo-yo dieting and you have a recipe for a plump waistline!

  If you have a social pot luck to go to for your child's PTA, or a luncheon at the neighborhood's local Chinese buffet, ljust remember to try and fill up on the fresh vegetable choices and salads first.  These foods are rich in nutrients, low in carbohydrates, and low in calories too. 

Use Snacks To Your Advantage.  When you combine carbs and protein, eating between meals can keep your energy up and your weight down if you snack on the right quality foods.  Try a handful of almonds and some Greek yogurt, or a slice of Bovarian unsprouted whet bread with hummus, or a childhood favorite like celery sticks with peanut butter and raisins.  You will satisty your hunger cravings while getting a healthy dose of protein which has been proven to make you feel full longer.

Reduce, Don't Eliminate!  Most people think that dieting means eating tasteless foods, or straying from their usual favorites.  This can sometimes have a very bad effect because after a long period of resisting your sweet tooth, you are led to over indulging on the whole pan of brownies!  Instead, enjoy your favorite foods in moderation or find healthy low-calorie and low-fat versions that you can make at home.

Make Changes TO Your Diet Gradually.  In relation to the last tip of moderating your "cheat" foods, changing too much too fast can backfire and this will lead to boredom or overeating.  So make little changes in your diet one at a time.  You can't expect to make a complete transformation overnight! 

Minimize Pre-Packaged Foods. Most pre-packed, processed, and frozen meals are laden with preservatives and sodium.  So be sure to check the nutrition label because they just might tell you exactly how "nutritious" your favorite microwave meal really is.

Recognize Actual Serving Size.  Even healthy eaters can sabotage their efforts for eliminating unwanted calories by ignoring the serving sizes.  Knowing the servings on your favorite nuts or dried fruit mixes, whole grain pastas, quinoa, and even oatmeal can make a big difference.



  • Charlene Collins - Atlanta Family Health Examiner 5 years ago

    Good advice here.. I've increased my fiber a lot and the weight is starting to come off again. My daughter was noticing it today.

  • Vanessa-Atlanta Nutrition Examiner 5 years ago

    Charlene that's great! Keep up to the good work!

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