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Tips to help you revitalize a stale relationship

Garden of the Gods is a great place to go hiking or biking
Garden of the Gods is a great place to go hiking or biking
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The truth is sometimes hard to swallow. No one wants to openly admit their relationship is getting stale. They want to believe things are running the natural course; but truth be told, successful relationships take work. Spring is just around the corner and will open up a lot of new, exciting things you can do in Colorado. So jump into spring with these hot tips to revitalize and refresh your stale relationship.

  • Take a hike. Colorado has plenty of hiking areas that range from difficult to easy going. If you love the outdoors and are experienced hikers the Incline in Colorado Springs is just what you need. If you want to take an intermediate hike try checking out ‘Seven Falls’. If you want to start out slow check out ‘Garden of The Gods’. During the hike be sure to use this alone time to talk about future plans and fun things you want to do this springs.
  • Over-night vacations are always fun. Whether you have kids or not this is something everyone should find time to do when spring rolls around. Take one trip with the kids and one without. Each trip should be to a fun, interesting, and new location. There are so many locations in Colorado like Durango, Vail, Denver, and Aspen that have affordable options. You can also leave the state if you want. Be sure to schedule in time to talk and spend together (not things like movies or shows). Communication with your loved ones really helps to revitalize things that may have gotten stale with daily routines.
  • Take a class together. With spring comes new growth… you can find growth to with the one you love by taking a class at the local community college together. Try cooking (always romantic), or pick up a hobby like ceramics (remember the movie Ghost?). Whatever you choose be sure to keep the focus on something that interests you both. You will find it will be one of the best investments you have made into your future together.
  • Set up date night twice a month. It may sound silly, but daily routines and family drama can really leave very little energy for relationship time. Ask yourself, when was the last time you and your partner went on a ‘real’ date. If the answer is more than two weeks ago set up two dates every month that you and your partner go out. The first date may be something you want to do, the second, something your partner wants to do. Each of you can take turns planning the other’s special date. You will find this will help to revitalize that stale relationship in no time.
  • Go out with friends. Some experts agree with this concept, others think it is less effective. Try this and see how its dynamics work for you and your partner. Pick a couple that you know and make plans to go out and do an activity together. This can be anything may like (bowling, boating, dinner etc). It gets you out of the house and helps you to revitalize not only your relationship but also a friendship you have that may be suffering.

You may notice there were no suggestions to go out dancing or drinking. There were no suggestions to go to a movie or a show. That is because, while these types of activities get you out of the house, they don’t necessarily help you to revitalize a relationship. They don’t allow you to really talk. In these types of activities you find you are less likely to talk and more likely to keep the staleness in the relationship. Intimacy is not just in the bedroom, it is in your communication. The real key to all of these activities is to take time out to be together and find time to talk about whatever is important to you. Remember when you first started dating? Remember the lines of communication were open and strong? These are necessary to keep the relationship from becoming stale. Once you have open lines of communication you will find the rest just falls into place.

Do you have any other ideas to help refresh a stale relationship? Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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