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Tips to grow long hair

Long Hair Care
Long Hair Care

Long hair is a beauty trend that will never go out of style. Discovering how to make your hair grow faster can be difficult, especially if you want to go the natural way. Unfortunately, getting super long hair isn't always so simple. Whether your hair is long or short, you can try many of these methods at once to help your hair grow incredibly long or to maintain the length you already have. Not only will the length of your hair increase, but the health of your strands will improve. Learning how to make your hair grow faster naturally is easy, you just have to know the right methods!

1. Trim your hair

Although it may sound counterintuitive, trimming your hair about every 6-8 weeks will have it growing strong. Hair growth starts at the roots, but hair damage is near the tips. Prevent the damage from traveling up the shaft of your hair by stopping it in its tracks and cut off the ends. It is recommended to cut between 1/4-2/3 and inch off at each trimming. Remember, you want your hair to be long and healthy, not just long!

2. Avoid harsh chemicals

Similair to the reasons as frequent washing and use of hot tools, dousing your hair with chemical dyes, relaxers, and perms makes it brittle and more likely to snap. Chemicals may be the most detrimental to long hair growth out of all the causes of damage. If you perm or relax the hair us a mild solution or a relaxer alternative. Shampoos can contain harmful drying chemicals as well, it is best to use a sulfate and sodium chloride free shampoo.

3. Avoid heat

The high temperatures of blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons may work wonders on taming your locks, but on the downside they seriously fry your hair and cause a lot of breakage. Avoid using these heat-powered tools whenever possible, and if you must use them, adjust the heat to the lowest setting or use a thermal protector.

4. Limit sun exposure

Just like skin exposure to UVA and UVB rays in sunlight can strip your hair down and damage it over time. Try to minimize your exposure to direct sunlight to no more than a few hours a day. When you are in the sun keep your hair covered or apply a hair sunscreen.

5. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

The benefits of healthy eating are seemingly endless, with one of the positive side effects being enhanced hair growth. Minimize the amount of animal fats, sugar, and sodium in your diet and increase the levels of fresh fruits and vegetables that you consume. Multivitamins, biotin, omegas and MSM will assist in growing hair quicker. Adopting healthy eating habits will encourage hair growth from the inside out, and strengthen each individual strand of hair over time. Hydration is essential, water clears out toxins in your body. Drink around 8 cups of water a day. High stress levels minimize your health, and poor health inhibits hair growth. Take the time that you need to help yourself , and you’ll be growing luscious locks in no time.

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