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Tips to finding your soul mate

Tips to finding your soal mate
Tips to finding your soal mate
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Good relationships are indispensable to a person’s happiness. Looking for a stable and loving relationship is sometimes hard to find in Great Falls.

When you find yourself looking for romance and true love, cast your eyes upon the stars, they will help find your soul mate.

  • Look for your true love during a waxing or new moon.
  • If you are a fire sign, avoid water signs.
  • If you are an earth sign, avoid fire signs.
  • Consider someone born in your sign or just a few days from your birth date.
  • Where a person’s moon is in their chart defines their sexuality.
  • Consider where someone’s Venus is in their chart.
  • Earth and air signs tend to be more platonic than romantic.
  • Best to look for love when the moon is in signs ruled by Venus, such as Taurus or Libra.
  • Don’t start a relationship during Mercury Retrograde.
  • Look at planets in the seventh and eighth houses, they will tell you if you are compatible.

Christy of Great Falls, who was scanning through the fiction section of Hastings Books said, “I’m a Taurus and my best friend and major confidant is a Pisces, we get along so well.”

It is also suggested to have a professional astrologer prepare your compatibility chart.

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