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Tips to finding your career style with ProfessionGal


Graduation Day is a big day for many college seniors. Although its an exciting day; for many its a scary time as well as the idea of entering 'adulthood' and the working force starts to settle in. The last thing you want to do is to think about your wardrobe. The right wardrobe and the right tools can make or break any potential job offer. You don't want to get lost in the sea of generic navy blue or black suits but you don't want to stand out with hot pink hair either. Not sure where to start then? Check out these tips by Megan Broussard, founder of ProfessionGal Inc to 'Brand Yourself by Finding Your Career Style'.

  • Similar to successful consumer brands, job seekers should think of themselves as a brand, a brand with a reputation to protect and promote. Brand yourself with the appropriate digital and traditional materials i.e. portfolio, resume, business cards, notebook, stationery, LinkedIn profile etc.

  • Find your style and work with it! We all have different personalities we show off through out favorite wardrobe pieces. But no matter if you're interviewing for a flat, rad start up or a buttoned up accounting firm, you should aim to be overdressed always. However that doesn't mean that if you're a gal whose personality is quirky that you have to hide it underneath a frumpy suit. After all you want to be yourself at an interview in order to feel confident right? The easiest and safest way to incorporate your personal style into your professional style is to do so through accessories. Think statement necklace, funky glasses or maybe a pop of color in your shoes. A subtle yet memorable addition to your sleek suit will do the trick.

  • Pencil skirt, business suit, heels, boots? We gals have so many options to choose from for an interview compared to guys who just have to shower, shave, throw on a suit and they're done (that is IF they even decide to shave!) To make it easier on your morning routine when interviewing, pick two go to interview outfits and stick with them. Look for outfits that are classy, comfortable, traditional but are also trendy, safe and sophisticated. For an idea of what one of your go to interview outfits should be just click here.

  • Even in today's digital age, your signature should be as strong as your handshake. So if you have bad penmanship, get to practicing! Good penmanship is priceless and just think; mastering old crafts are becoming rarer and therefore revered!

  • On a similar note; don't forget the handwritten Thank You note. Yes sending a follow up email is good practice after an interview but sending a personal handwritten note to thank the interviewer for their time shows that you're willing to go the extra mile as well as respect, tradition and thoughtfulness. Don't just use any type of paper though. Invest is some personalized stationery that reflects your personality. Check out Fine Stationery for some great personalized stationery.

ProfessionGal Inc is devoted to helping women create any career they can think up by encouraging them to think outside of the box, or the confinements of a cubicle! By providing women with the products and service to help women identify their crafts and work style that works for them, ProfessionGal allows women to take their creative talent and childhood aspirations and turn them into an occupation. For more information about ProfessionGal visit their website at

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