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Tips to find a low cost tutor in Columbus

Low Cost Columbus Area Tutors Exist! Need Help Finding a Low Cost Columbus Tutor?
Low Cost Columbus Area Tutors Exist! Need Help Finding a Low Cost Columbus Tutor?

If you are in need of a low cost tutor for your child in the greater Columbus area, there are local resources available to you and your family that you should consider before buying into expensive professional tutoring services. Midterm time is rapidly approaching in many Central Ohio school districts, and with those early term grades, many families realize that additional help in certain subjects may be needed for this year’s academic success. While mom and dad may be experts in some fields—other fields may elude them completely—or they may simply lack the ability to teach the information in a form that junior may understand. If you cannot afford professional tutoring, do not despair, there are still local Columbus options for you to explore to help your struggling academic.

The Columbus Metro Libraries Homework Help Centers may have your answers. Visit your local library branch—or inquire with a telephone call. Many branches offer free, after school homework help centers—and you just may be in luck if the branch volunteer is an expert in the field of study presenting problems to your child. Perhaps a retired math teacher is volunteering at a nearby branch three days a week—you’ll never know if you do not visit and ask questions.

Local colleges, universities and technical centers often employ student tutors. Contact your local university or technical school and ask about peer tutors or in house tutoring services. They may already have a qualified college student willing and able to tutor a variety of courses at low rates. Simply contact the student directly to discuss a private tutoring arrangement.

Contact your child’s school or teacher. Your child’s teacher may offer after school or lunch time “office hours” to cover missed or misunderstood material at no cost to the parent. Some schools also use “peer tutors” or “peer counselors” which consist of advanced students willing to tutor others in subjects during lunch or study periods. Your school district does not want to see your child struggle—this affects their own performance rating in the end and many districts offer options of which you may not be aware without asking.

Try to network with other parents to offer academic support. Perhaps your specialty is English and Social Studies while your son’s best friend’s mom or dad is a mechanical engineer offering science and math guidance. Don’t be afraid to ask other parents for help if their background is more suited! They would likely appreciate your support as well—and may need it in the future if not at the present.

Put on your researching "teacher in training" hat and give it your best shot. Even if your own middle school or high school math teacher was absolutely the worst teacher known to man—you may still be able to help your child and re-learn a few things yourself. The internet is an absolutely amazing tool. Ask your child’s teacher for online access to the class textbook and for some recommended subject specific websites and refresh yourself on the material. You know your child, you know their learning style, and with a little re-learning, you may be able to help him or her learn the material in question without expensive professional tutoring services.


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