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Tips to Calm Your Date Nerves

First dates can make you nervous, especially if you do not know the guy. You do not know what to wear and are scared that it will go wrong. Here are some tips on how to be calm about it:

1) Stay in the present. Don't get ahead of yourself and start thinking about marrying and having a family with this guy. Just get to know him.

2) Ask him questions about himself. Don't do all the talking. Make him feel that you are interested in him and what he does.

3) Don't bring up the past. Don't talk about ex boyfriends. Focus on him so you could see where this goes.

4) Remember it is just a date. Don't overthink anything. A first date is all about enjoying each other's company and seeing where things lead. Dating can help you figure out what you want in a relationship. Going out on a date can help you see what type of guy and relationship you are looking for.

5) Be your vacation self. When you are on vacation you aren't worried about anything. Your only concern is to have fun.

6) Have a positive attitude. When you are nervous about what could go wrong, most likely things will go wrong. Instead of getting nervous, smile and try to be calm and make yourself have a good time.

A first date is supposed to be fun and relaxed. There is not supposed to be pressure. Of course everyone puts their best food forward on a first date. That doesn't mean that you are evaluation weather or not you two will get married in the future. So good luck and have fun and if it goes well you will get a second date. If it doesn't don't worry it just means that that guy is not the one. There are a million guys out there and sooner or later you will find the one for you.

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