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Tips to Buy Gold Jewelry from Online Jewelry Store

When it comes to buying jewelry from an online jewelry store, there are quite a few concerns people face even despite the number of benefits of each.

When shopping online for jewelry, you can snatch up deals of up to 50-percent less than retail shops. However, the idea of authenticity of the jewelry and credibility of sellers may arise.

For this reason, it is a good idea to do your homework before buying jewelry from an online jewelry store.

a. Pick a credible seller:

Before spending your hard earned money, check the authenticity of the online store to ensure the products and store are legit sellers. Do not get scammed by fraudulent websites. It might also help if you purchase from renowned seller, who offers discontinued jewelry and discounted prices.

b. Purity of the jewelry:

The purest form of gold is 24k gold. However, it is not possible to make jewelry out of 24 k gold because it is malleable. A percentage of alloys such as copper, nickel or silver are added to make gold jewelry.

For example, 18k gold has 18 parts pure gold and 6 parts alloy, making its gold purity 75%. Gold comes in various colors based on the kind of alloy added to the mixture. Ensure you ask questions pertaining to its purity before dropping hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on jewelry pieces.

c. Cost:

Check several online stores for the best price and highest quality, doing so gives you an idea of the market price for the jewelry piece in question. The cost of well-known jewelry may vary from one seller to seller, so take your time and check several stores.

d. Product images:

Prefer to buy jewelry items with good images? Professional sellers often use high definition images with their brand name watermarked on the image. This ensures the product you are buying is from the seller and not from some fraud. The picture may also appeal to you but make sure it is not manipulated to persuade you into purchasing the jewelry piece.

e. Customer service:

Good customer service is very important as it helps you choose the best gold jewelry piece. The benefits of online shopping are inhibited without good customer care service. Check whether the online seller from where you are looking to buy the gold jewelry has customer service. This means a lot as you can just pick up the phone and call them if you have any problems.

f. Return/Exchange policy:

Read through the website's exchange or return policy thoroughly, as it is very important to know and understand the policy before you make any purchase. If an online jewelry store does not have an exchange or return policy, than it may not be worth buying from that particular jewelry store.

g. Manner of shipment:

The manner of shipment is not a critical issue for small pieces of costume jewelry. However, for jewelry of significant cost, make sure the online store uses insured carriers and that products are insured for its full value of their contents.

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