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Tips that let you save your time when you are studying

All students have different techniques, potential, and abilities of studying, but all of them have one thing in common: they struggle with time issues and want to cover more material in shorter time. Some students manage to get great grades on exams, complete all papers, and still have time for socializing, while others cannot achieve everything no matter how hard they try.
Is it a question of natural talent? Maybe educational achievements have something to do with talent, but no one can deny that better time management can help students organize their time better and become more effective when studying. The Internet has just the right tools that will help you do that, and we are kind enough to save you even more time by listing them below.

1. TutorClass
If you need a tutor for a subject you’re having difficulties with, you should understand one thing: you’re way behind the trends if you don’t go for online tutoring. It’s more convenient, more effective, and time-saving. All you have to do is go to and find the right tutor that has the knowledge you need. The website provides all tools you and your tutor could possibly need for collaboration.

2. Evernote
You have surely heard of Evernote, and you probably have the app on your smartphone, but did you start using it properly? It’s not easy to be a student and balance between all activities this stage of life demands. Evernote will help you remember everything you have to do, so you will never forget something important again. This concept will help you increase your productivity and improve your time-saving skills.

3. Help.Plagtracker
Don’t be afraid of being guilt for using plagiarism anymore. You can use this plagiarism checker and easily correct some words or sentences. All you need to do is to paste text into the Plaghtracker’s box and wait while the text is being checked. In the end you will get an exact number of words or signs coincided with some other text already published on the Internet.

4. Write Monkey
We already told you that Writinghouse is the main tool for saving time when writing papers, but Write Monkey is another inevitable tool in the process. How does it make your work easier? – It creates a completely clean environment, free of any distractions that could make you slower. You will be able to ditch the mouse and type the entire paper by using the keyboard, which will save you around 30% of your time.

5. Sweet Search
If you are using the standard Google Search to find materials for your papers, you will definitely end up losing valuable time, because Google results are full of distractions. Sweet Search is a search engine specialized for students. It will search only through 35,000 approved and evaluated websites, which will make it easy for you to locate reliable sources for your papers quickly.

6. FocusWriter
FocusWriter will create a distraction-free typing environment that will allow your thoughts to flow without any interference. When you write in a clean space with a subtly hidden toolbar, you will be able to focus your attention entirely on your work.

7. Writinghouse
As a student, you surely had to write many papers and format them according to the referencing style the professor preferred. Making a difference between APA, Chicago, Harvard, and MLA referencing style is possible, but it takes a lot of time for you to go through all boring details and insert proper citations in the paper. Writinghouse is an incredible tool that will save you a lot of time when writing papers – it adds proper citations in the referencing style you choose. And it’s completely free!

8. Capzles
Creating timelines is the best way to memorize the facts of any lessons; and Capzles is one of the best tools for creating timelines. You can add text, audio, videos, and photos to your timeline, which will create visual content that’s easier to remember. The content creation tools are very easy to get used to, so you will be creating great timelines in no time.

9. Q10
There are many time-saving writing tools that can enhance your productivity when writing papers, so you should feel free to explore and make your pick. Q10 is one of the favorite choices because of the extremely simplistic, but effective interface that will help you control the mind.

10. OmmWriter
OmmWriter sounds Zen, doesn’t it? Well Zen is the perfect word to describe this tool, which provides you with your own private writing room. If you ask a Mac user what their favorite writing tool is, OmmWriter will probably be their choice. The relaxing outline and many cool writing features will inspire you to think and write faster.

11. WriteRoom
This is another tool designed for Mac users. If you ever lost a part of a paper or an entire paper because of some accident, you’ve probably become paranoid of losing your content again. WriteRoom will keep you calm because it provides backup and synchronization options along many other great tools that enhance your productivity during paper writing.

When you are trying to study and write papers faster and more effectively, you have to train yourself to use all your senses. If you organize your time and use all the right tools, you will notice how your productivity will be greatly increased. Instead of seeing just separate parts of the study material, you will start linking ideas together and seeing the lessons as a whole.
Studying may be a tiring process, but learning is something you can love and be inspired by. As a student, you should learn as much as possible, and the tools we listed above will help you become better in it.

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