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Tips on what to do to recover a lost pet

Mac and Buddy
Mac and Buddy
Liz Rizzo Dubois

July is considered lost pet prevention month and I would like to share some tips to help you if you encounter a situation where your pet is lost or missing. Recently another friend of mine had their pet stolen. One in five pets is missing after being scared by the sound of fireworks, thunderstorms or loud noises according to a survey by the American Society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. Even though losing your pet can be a dramatic experience for you and your pet, there is a 93% chance that dogs and a 75% chance of cats being returned to their homes according to another survey.

File a lost pet report with every animal shelter in your area including outer islands. Go visit the local shelters daily if possible.

Walk or drive through your neighborhood several times a day and enlist the help of family, friends; ask others to help you. Talk to neighbors, mail carriers and delivery people to see if they have seen your pet and show them a recent photograph of your pet.

Go door-to-door and talk to all your neighbors and tell them how upset and worried you are and that you are desperately trying to find your pet. The more people you have looking for your pet the higher the chances you will be reunited with your pet.

Post flyers and notices at grocery stores, community centers, veterinarian offices, pet supply stores and other locations in your neighborhood. You can also place an advertisement in the newspaper or a free ad on craigslist. To avoid scams leave out one identifying characteristic about your pet and ask the person to describe the pet if they call you.

There are two sites that may help you recover your pets.


There are several lost pet alert services that can help you contact veterinarians, shelters and other animal organizations in your area for a reasonable fee.

Place food and water outside your home because your pet will eventually get hungry and may come back to eat or drink water and someone may see your pet back in the area.

Don't give up, be aggressive in your search, and get lots of help getting the word out right away. Don't wait a few hours to see if they'll come home on their own because you'll need these early hours to start putting up posters and begin your search.

Thank you to my friend Paul Mann founder of

for assisting me with this information on finding your pets.Tips on what to do to recover a lost pet

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