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Tips on Throwing The Perfect Hot Tub Party

Summer is, of course, the ideal time for an outdoor party, and a hot tub can push a party to the next level. People get really creative with some of their summer parties, and hot tubs are often the catalyst that puts them over the top.

Why? One of the great things about hot tubs is their versatility. As a representative from ThermoSpas, a leading hot tub manufacturer, notes, “Nearly any weather is appropriate for hot tub use, and their mass appeal means that they can be a popular attraction – or even the main event – at any party.”

Party Planning

Hot tubs are perfect for small parties where the main goal is to relax and catch up with friends, advises ThermoSpas, a hot tub manufacturer. Soaking in a hot tub is a healthy way to unwind – after all, relaxed guests are happy guests.

First, pick a theme for the party. Some decoration schemes may be more obvious than others, but that doesn’t mean they have to be less fun. A beach motif is popular for all summer parties, and doubly so if a hot tub will be featured. Parties with a luau or patriotic theme are also easy ways to showcase a hot tub.

After that, plan the guest list. If the main event is going to be the hot tub, keeps the guest list small and intimate. No one wants to spend an evening crammed into a spa with people they barely know. Consider how comfortable specific friends would feel at such a gathering.

Once the guest list is set, make sure guests know to bring their swimsuits and perhaps a change of clothes. Few things are more embarrassing than showing up to a party without a swimsuit when everyone else is wearing one.

Next, set the menu. Finger foods are a must, but fresh fruits and vegetables are a better bet than potato chips. Mushy food particles swirling around the hot tub is a turn off for everyone. While a host may have a “no food in the hot tub” rule, usually one or more guests will sneak food in – so keep it keep it easy to handle. Also, food that can withstand a little humidity is a better choice. Think wraps, egg or spring rolls, and kabobs. Also remember to keep the fare light: heavy food and a hot tub is a recipe for disaster. Not only can heavy food upset guests’ stomachs, it can also harm hot tub filters. Food particles can cause serious damage to a tub’s plumbing as well.

Go easy on the drinks. As the experts at ThermoSpas remind party planners, “Alcohol and hot tubs can be a dangerous combination. Be sure to serve adult drinks only when people are out of the tub.” Have plenty of water and other refreshing drinks on hand. Fruit-based punches work well with summer parties and keep guests hydrated.

Make sure that all the party utensils are plastic or some other non-breakable material. It can be difficult to see glass in a hot tub and surfaces will be slippery, making accidents more likely. Disposable party wares not only keep guests safe; they also make clean up much easier.

For the party itself, don’t forget the towels! Telling guests to bring their own will help, but have some extras on hand for the inevitable forgetful partygoers. For hot tub maintenance, ask guests to shower or hose down before getting in the tub. Detergents and sun block aren’t good for a hot tub’s water filtration system. Set up a rinsing station near the tub for guests. It doesn’t have to be anything more elaborate than a garden hose.

Key Reminders

While you certainly want your guests to enjoy themselves, there are a number of helpful hot tub safety tips to remember before the party gets underway:

  • Remind friends to check their pockets before getting in. A guest ruining their expensive smart phone can put a damper on the festive mood of a party. Also, keep larger electronics away from the water. A ruined phone is one thing, but no party can keep going after a near-death experience!
  • Keep an eye on children and pets. Kids love hot tubs just as much as adults but require a bit more supervision. ThermoSpas explains that pets should never get in a hot tub. Pets can’t tell their owners when they’re getting too hot and the fur is likely to clog the filters.
  • While it sounds like a lot of fun, whatever you do, don’t put bubble bath in the hot tub. Endless suds won’t seem like such a great idea when the host is having to clean it up. Also, the bubble bath soap can upset the chemical balance of the hot tub, allowing for the growth of unwelcome microbes.
  • Don’t forget to remind guests to get out and take a break from the hot tub after a prolonged period of time.

While it’s important to remember safety guidelines, there is one over-riding principle to a hot tub party. Remember to have fun at the party! As the longtime hot tub aficionados at ThermoSpas can surely attest, a hot tub party is sure to be one that guests won’t soon forget.

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