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Tips on taking your own pet portraits

This is a perfect example of a pet portrait
This is a perfect example of a pet portrait
Wayne Wallace

Everyone loves their pets and wants to capture that perfect moment so they can remember them forever. It is easy to simply go to a professional, but it can also be rather expensive. Don't worry, you can take some pretty good portraits yourself.

It's best to take the photo outside, if at all possible. If it is not possible to take it outside then try to do so by a large window that let's in plenty of light. The best light would be on a bright, but overcast day. Also, make sure to turn off the flash. The only exception to this is if your pet has a black coat.

Make sure to take the picture on the animals level. This shows more personality in the animal. Take lots of facial photos and if your pet won't sit still then ask someone to get their attention so that they are distracted. Above all make sure that your pet is comfortable. Try having some of their favorite toys or treats to keep their attention and to reward them for doing what is asked of them.

Keep patient and remember that it may take several attempts to get the best shot possible. Experiment with tons of different poses, and if you want, try some in action shots.  Some people find that the best way to get a good portrait is to surprise their pet so that they can get a really good shot of their pet when they are alert.

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  • Willena Stevenson 5 years ago

    I think this advice is GREAT! Thanks, I'll try these tips.

  • Megan 5 years ago

    WOW!!! It would be so much cheaper for me to take my dog Suzie's picture on my own! Thanks for the great tips!

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