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Tips on spring cleaning your car from Organizational Expert Justin Klosky

Ognizational Expert Justin Klosky shares tips on spring cleaning your car
Courtesy of Emanate PR

Ahhh… Spring. A time when the flowers are blooming and the birds are singing. Time for some spring-cleaning!!! Recently, we attended a Lysol event where we met professional organizer and lifestyle guru Justin Klosky. He is also the author of a new book entitled, “Organize & Create Discipline,” which is available on for $18.94.

Justin met with us to help tackle the dreaded clean up of the family car and how to keep it that way!!! His first piece of advice was to keep it clean. It’s easy to allow your car to become a motorized garbage can- full of juice-boxes, week old pizza and used napkins. He suggests using your time at the gas station to clear your vehicle of all the stuff you meant to throw out but never seem to have a garbage can close enough.

Secondly, use some kind of cleaning product on your car. It will not only help with appearance but can keep you healthy. Germs can live a really long time on surfaces. He suggests using Lysol disinfecting wipes, which makes cleaning both easy and accessible. No need to carry around a spray bottle and paper-towels that can take up lots of valuable real estate in your car. Just open the wipe container and place them in a zip-lock bag. This will easily fit in your glove compartment therefore accessibility will make it that much more likely you will use it.

Thirdly, organize all receipts. Process them right away or throw them out. Don’t leave them hanging around in your car. You are likely to lose them, spill something on them, or simply thrash them about till they become useless pieces of paper.

Fourth, your car is likely your kids’ second playroom so keep a bin in the trunk of your car in order for your kids to store their toys inside. Make it a rule that if it doesn’t fit it doesn’t go.

Lastly, don’t forget about cleaning the rugs. We forget about all of the things we step on throughout the day (yuck!) and thus seldom clean our rugs. Since kids drop their toys, bottles and so much else on the ground, disinfect your car’s rugs and floor mats with Lysol Disinfectant Spray to kill 99.9% of germs.

Justin stressed that cleaning the family car is all about discipline. Keep at it and form solid habits to maintain your organization and peace of mind. Happy Spring cleaning.

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