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Tips on saving money with quality used cars

5 Star Auto Plaza
5 Star Auto Plaza
5 Star Auto Plaza

Finding a car at a good price that meets the demands of a limited budget is often the main criteria for the majority of car buyers in today's economy. Used cars can offer very good opportunities for saving money while still providing a buyer a reliable set of wheels for years to come. However, not all used cars are automatically the best deal possible. A couple of tips are in order on how to maximize a purchase when considering a used car are as follows:

• Do your Research - There are number of reports available online on which used cars have the least amount of ongoing maintenance costs and the best reliability. These reports will single out which brands and used car models provide the longest reliable vehicle life and durability for one's money in a used car purchase.

• Ask for the Vehicle History - If you're zeroing in on a particular model and car, get the VIN number and obtain a repair history report. Most quality dealers will be willing to provide a car history report without issue. They've already done the work selecting good cars to sell if they are maintaining a reputation for selling quality used cars.

• Focus on Low Mileage - The best used cars are often going to be those with only 30,000 or less miles on them. That still leaves time and miles on the original warranty and it is possible to still get an extended warranty on the same used car. And all of those benefits comes with a car thousands of dollars less than a brand new retail version.

• Always Test Drive a Vehicle - All the paper in the world won't completely answer every question before a purchase until a person at least test drives a given car. A good test drive on both city streets and the highway can give a proper feel of how a car is working. Even a short drive can identify enough behavior to influence a buyer's decision dramatically.

Many sales managers and representatives can also be an excellent resource for used car information as well as general car model knowledge. These folks have to be well versed in multiple cars since it's often the inventory they sell as well as how buyers can finance each purchase. For 5 Star Auto Plaza that top expert is Dan Grosvenor, who is the lead knowledge holder in used car automotive sales at this used car dealership in St.Charles. As Dan would put, "Only a person who has money to throw away or a newbie puts good money on a brand new car. Smart people by good used cars and keep their hard-earned money in the bank."

Dan is also featured on a weekly radio show as the "Expert Contributor" on all things auto and financing on the Doug Haldeman Show, which airs every Sunday afternoon at 4pm.

Purchasing a car is scary, but rest assured there are many quality used vehicles that are just as good, if not a better then new cars on the market. The perks to purchasing a used car far surpass those of a new car purchase and will save you money in the long run. Its important to prioritize what features are important to you in a vehicle, and work with your local dealership to determine the best car or truck that will be reliable and work within your budget and financing.