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Klyde Warren Park hosts its annual Valentine's Day celebration
Klyde Warren Park hosts its annual Valentine's Day celebration
Klyde Warren Park

Guess what? Friday is Valentine’s Day. Yes, Friday is Feb. 14.

No, it isn’t on Saturday. Saturday is Feb. 15.

I know; you’re shocked. You have been so busy you forgot to plan something or you’re strapped for funds and can’t afford to do something elaborate. It’s OK. I’ve got you covered.

Dallas has been through some roller coaster weather lately but Cupid got together with Mother Nature to help pull off a great weekend for you. With temperatures projected to reach 68 degrees on Sat. and 70 degrees on Sun., you can take advantage of the warm weather and enjoy the outdoors.

A Valentine’s Day celebration for you and your special someone that includes flowers, cards, dinner, dessert, music and dancing outside under the stars for less than $40 sounds impossible but I’ve done the research for you and it won’t leave your broke or have you running all over town to get it done.

Let’s start with flowers.

Central Market has lots of flowers and you don’t have to splurge on roses to make a lasting impression. Tulips are romantic and Central Market is offering 10 stems for $9.99. They come in a variety of colors (including red). Central Market also has individual American Beauty roses the size of your fist for $3.00 a stem. Cards are conveniently located next to the floral department right by the check out stand.

Friday night’s chef-prepared Dinners For Two feature smoked salmon cakes with Remoulade sauce, romaine salad with corn salsa and ranch dressing, roasted tomato bisque and French dinner rolls. The Under 700 Calorie menu features King Ranch chicken, Spanish rice and Borracho beans. Either dinner for two is $13.99. There is pre-chilled wine and beer in the wine department. Chateau Paradis Rose is $14.95 and a half bottle of Mionetto Sparkling Prosecco is $7.99.

For dessert: Two chocolate covered strawberries are $3.49, 6-count $8.99 and 9-count are $12.99. Decorated cupcakes are $2.99 each.

You can have this wonderful experience at home or bundle it up and take it downtown where Klyde Warren Park is hosting its free annual Valentine’s Day celebration from 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Put on your dancing shoes and grab your sweetie, the Muse Family Performance Pavilion will be turned into a dance floor and the Mad Men Swing Band will be performing from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m..

If you didn’t have time to stop by Central Market or are coming directly from work, not to worry, there will be various food trucks surrounding the park and a dessert station will feature sweet treats from Klyde Warren Park’s restaurant. Beer, wine and champagne will also be available for purchase throughout the evening.

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