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Tips on overcoming writers block

If you try to write perfect, you will never get to write anything
If you try to write perfect, you will never get to write anything
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Most writers suffer from writers block. I have suffered from it many times and I think it is the worst thing a writer can go through. When we have ideas just flowing from us it is a great feeling but when we want to write but then sit there and stare at a blank computer screen or a blank piece of paper it is one of the worst feelings in the world. There are times when I feel like a complete failure when I can't come up with any ideas to write about. Lately I have been exploring the ways to overcome it and have come up with a few to share with everyone.

1. When or if you have a deadline and can't think of a single idea to write about, go for a walk. Sometimes getting out in the fresh clean air can clear your mind and bring a whole bunch of new ideas to mind.

2. Sometimes you can just start writing about anything and an idea will come to you. If you can't think of any good ideas, you can just write about the family dog or cat or write about what happened in your day and you might be surprised what ideas can come to mind.

3. Take a break for a little while and watch television or listen to the radio. Maybe you just need to give your mind a rest. By watching television or listening to the radio you can come up with some new ideas and maybe even write about the show you are watching or the song you are listening to. Try it. It just might work.

4. Read a book or a magazine. Let yourself relax and that can help you find new ideas also.

5. Ask your friends and family how their day went. Maybe something that happened at their work or school can give you some new ideas. Or maybe they can give you ideas of their own to write about.

6. Look through the newspaper and see what is going on in your neighborhood. Write a review on the item.

7. Go shopping or out to eat and maybe write a review on the store or restaurant.

8. Do a search online or look through a celebrity magazine and find out what your favorite celebrities are up to. Write a review on what they are doing these days.

9. Make sure to keep a daily writers journal to write down your thoughts for the day. Also have a notebook with you when your away from home, that way if you come up with an idea you can write it down before you forget it.

10. Also while you're out watch the people around you at the mall, restaurants, hospitals or anywhere else and their actions can give you some ideas to write about. You can write a review on the way people shop or just certain things you notice about them.

These are just a few ideas on how to overcome writers block that I have come up with. There are many other ways too and if you really sit down and think about them you will probably be able to think of some of your own. I really hate writers block and hate the feeling I get when I go through it. I have been trying to think of ways to overcome it and finally have. I hope these help anyone who goes through this.

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