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Tips on losing weight

If you are interested in losing weight, whether it’s a few pounds or many, here are tips to help you achieve your goal.  Of course eat well and exercise, this goes without saying. But if you follow the guidelines listed below you will find yourself losing weight the correct way, slow and steady. 

Write down what you eat for a week. Often it’s sneaky calories that you forget about that add up. A study found that that people tend to consume 115 calories a day when they write down what they eat.

Get a mantra.  Mantras help you focus on the positive. Think about how nice it is to hear "I can do it" in your ear, as opposed to "I’ll never get healthy." You can do it!

Don’t skip meals. If you don’t eat your body thinks it is in starvation mode, then any food you consume your body will store as fat. The body wants to preserve itself. Eat regular meals including the most important meal of the day --- breakfast.  Think of what the word means, breaking fast. Give your body food to burn to start the day.

Move more. Yes, absolutely exercise. Also walk more, use the stairs, get up out of your work chair every 30 minutes, stand while you are on a conference call, and so on. All these extra calorie expenditures add up.

Drink more water. The body needs water to function properly. 60% or more of the body is water. If you think you’re hungry, try drinking some water first, you could just be thirsty.

Sleep!  This one is a biggie. Sleep deprivation alters hormone levels that regulate hunger, causing an increase in appetite.  And think about what you reach for when you are tired. Not broccoli, I bet.

Skip Sugar. This is the Big Kahuna for many people. Sugar spikes up your blood sugar and then crashes it. Often making you reach for more sugar. It’s often a hard thing to give up, but study after study shows how it impacts your health and not just your weight. Many people are addicted to sugar and if you are one, allow yourself to have just one really fabulous thing a week. Make it very special. If you keep this up, you will find your cravings subsiding and your waistline shrinking.

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