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Tips on how to survive a classic horror movie: 'Dracula'

There are many Dracula movies out there so this article pertains to any film that is about the count himself. If you like horror flicks and like some survival tips (just in case the same problem arises for you or somehow you get trapped in your TV) then you'll enjoy this new article series.

Beginning with "Dracula," any film with the title personally "Dracula (1931), "Horror of Dracula" and Coppola's "Dracula" are three favorites. Now to these precious survival tips:

  1. Always wear a necklace of garlic, even how bad it smells. No vampire will want to touch that neck. Sure you could just rub garlic on your neck, but wearing the necklace just gives you a little boast.
  2. Keep crosses around your neck, in your pockets, and just plain always with you.
  3. Remember to carry stakes and aim for the heart.
  4. If you have the courage destroy the vampires during the day, don't wait for the night when they are up and roaming on the hunt.
  5. If you're the Mina Harker type character, a strange man named Dracula, watch out we'll try to seduce you. Try and stay clear of him even if you might look like Gary Oldman.
  6. If you're the Jonathan Harker type and your boss tells you to go to a faraway place, tell him your sick.
  7. Always pay attention to the locals, if they tell you don't go there, don't go there.
  8. Don't leave your windows open at night.
  9. Keeping Holy Water on hand is always a good idea.
  10. Read Bram Stoker's book, it's a survival guide.
  11. Stay clear with the guy in the cape.
  12. Running probably won't help since vampires seemed faster, but if you get caught in the woods with Dracula or any of his brides, make sure that you listened to the top 3 tips then.

While you won't need these twelve tips in real life (or we hope you won't), at least they gave you a chuckle or two. Stay with this new series and keep tabs to see if your favorite classic horror movie gets picked, you may learn some tips. Also feel free to share some other tips that go great with "Dracula."

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