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Tips on how to survive a classic horror movie: 'The Wolf Man'

George Waggner was the one that directed the 1941 Universal horror classic, "The Wolf Man." "The Wolf Man" starred as the lead, Lon Chaney Jr, and Claude Rains, Evelyn Ankers, and Ralph Bellamy, also starred in the werewolf classic. Like this series states it's tips that can help you survive "The Wolf Man" movie. You never know when you see a werewolf running around that looks just like this one.

  1. Lock yourself in during a full moon, somewhere that might have a door made out of silver? If possible of course.
  2. Keep a lot of wolfsbane on hand! Very important.
  3. Sliver bullets or anything pure silver will protect you (Hence the silver door is a just a good idea). So make sure you also have it on hand, especially if you must go outside when there is a werewolf roaming the area.
  4. According to these movies, always listen to the Gypsies, they know a lot about the supernatural.
  5. If you hear howling you better run fast and hope you have number 2 and 3 on the list.
  6. If you like to call yourself a dog whisper, maybe you could teach the werewolf to sit, beg, etc. Okay that's not a real option, but who knows right?
  7. Carry weapons like stated before, but if you like to be more organic, try throwing Mr. Werewolf some steaks, that could actually be helpful. He's just hungry.

So if you like classic horror movies and funny tips, you'll want to stick with this new series of articles. It's all classic and freaky! Also feel free to share other tips that could help anyone survive this 1941 classic.

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