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Tips on How to Stay Together, and Happy

Undoubtedly, falling in love is probably the most exciting and easy part of the relationship, but it doesn’t determine how to stay together and how to stay happy. No one thinks about how to keep the relationship healthy and happy in the beginning because the beginning is happy. In the beginning, nothing annoys you about her, and all you see are butterflies, and blue skies. Literally. But, it doesn't stay that way, so what do you do then?

Here are a few tips on how to keep the relationship going strong, and happy.

1. Communication – Probably the most important, and the most underrated, and the most challenging. If you can perfect communication in your relationship – any relationship, you’re home free. And it’s not just about talking. It’s understanding, it’s comprehending, and feeling connected to the other person. Anyone can talk, but can you and your partner communicate?

2. Growing Together – we are constantly growing and learning, and morphing into new people every day. But when you’re growing, and expanding, you must do it together. A way to do this is to have shared goals, and planning for the future together. A future that includes both your separate goals, and your relationship goals.

3. Sex and Intimacy – sex is so important. It truly is, and I can’t put enough emphasis on this. In order to maintain the intimacy in your relationship you cannot skimp out on the sex. You can’t put sex on the back burner. You have to always make time to be close. If not, your relationship can’t be as happy as you may think. Or as stable.

4. Keep jealousy out - it’s a natural emotion, but only if there’s a lack of trust. If you don’t trust your partner, jealousy will tear you apart. Once jealousy begins to be the main focus of the relationship it’s time to seek counseling, and possibly even end the relationship, especially if it gets out of control. Jealousy is blamed for domestic violence, crimes of passion, insanity, etc. It’s just not a good thing to have in your relationship. You have to TRUST completely.

5. Have your own friends – it’s nice to have friends together but, you need time apart to hang out with your own friends. Hopefully those friends like and are cordial with your partner. That makes it even better. If your friends do not get along with your partner, try to stress how important it is for the people you care about the most to be respectful to each other. Eventually, even if bonding doesn’t occur, mutual respect will be apparent. With the mutual respect, you won't have arguments with your lover about hanging out with your friends.

This list of tips are what I think are keys to a lasting happy relationship, but there are several others that can be implemented. What are your tips?

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