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Tips on how to be a good neighbor when you have a dog

we just want to be friends and play!
we just want to be friends and play!

You want to be a responsible pet owner when it comes to the neighborhood and environment. No one wants a dog that defecates all over its yard and barks at all hours of the day and night. You love and appreciate your pet, no matter what; however, your neighbors may not be as overjoyed with a dog’s presence, physically and vocally. You can find numerous things to clean up after your dog, keep it restrained on your property and handle barking issues at your local Rockford-area Petsmart or Petco as listed below or one closest to your home. After all, you want to be a good neighbor if you have a dog.

Despite whether you live in an apartment, townhome, condo or private home, there are steps you should consider to avoid upsetting your neighbors. Because you love your dog and probably other animals, it does not mean that everyone around you does. Keep that in mind and try to be a good, respectable neighbor.

When walking your dog, always be sure to pick up the mess and dispose of it when returning home. Always keep your dog confined for its safety and others around. Allowing your dog to roam free puts it in danger of abuse from other animals, people, being hit my motor vehicles, meeting up with tuxins and so much more. You also don’t want to chance your pet getting into your neighbor’s yard and doing its’ business, digging up the garden, going through the trash and just being a nuisance. Your friendly neighbor may decide to retaliate by having your pet picked up (for being loose) or may get really angry and harm it! Ensure your dog is not only clearly identifiable with tags and/or a microchip and kept restrained on your own property.

If at all possible, control excessive barking. Neighbors will turn on you quickly if there is nuisance barking from your dog. Most dogs bark out of fear, boredom and anxiety. Do not leave your dog outside for extended periods of time where it will find a cause to bark. There are various training methods available to put an end to barking inappropriately and something you should consider. You can even try something as simple as a squirt bottle of water and use consistently during training to stop the behavior. If it is a continual thing, contact your vet to determine if there are psychological and medical issues that need to be addfressed.

Teach your dog some manners when it comes to neighbors, friends and visitors, such as not to jump on people and be overly enthusiastic when greeting them. Begin training your pet early on to sit, stay, come and walk properly on a leash. Your dog should also be socialized around people and other animals, making it more comfortable and confident.

If all else fails and your pet tends to “guard” its domain excessively, inform visitors, neighbors and friends to avoid any hard feelings, injuries and embarrassment. Some dogs are easy to adapt to people, places and things while others need time or may forever be shy. Just do your best as a good neighbor with a dog.

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