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Tips on Hiring a Kitchen Contractor

John / Kit Images
John / Kit Images
Tips on Hiring a Kitchen Contractor

Without knowing exactly what to look for, knowing which kitchen contractor to choose for your kitchen remodeling job can be confusing. To gain a better understanding and get the results you have in mind, use the following guidelines.

Benefit from the Experience of Others

Most of us know someone else who has already gone through the remodeling process. There is no better way to find the best professional for the job than from the referrals of friends or family members who are happy with the results they got.

Credentials Matter

The website offers all types of information these days. It is often the first resource to turn to in order to find out about the qualifications of a contractor. A contractor should hold local municipal licenses as well as those offered by the state. They may also have designations with professional associations. These are all evidence that the contractor has invested their time and energy into learning what is needed to obtain certification in their area of expertise. Go a step further to learn where certifications were obtained and how difficult they are to get.

Interview Before Hiring

Don’t base your decision entirely on the contractor’s credentials. Instead, set up interviews with two or three and get quotes for the job. Ask questions about their past work and what licenses they hold. Talk to them about the specifics of the job you have in mind and observe whether they pay close attention to you and really listen to what you have to say. It isn’t simply a matter of hiring someone to do a job for you but finding the right person to develop a good working relationship with.

Get References

Ask the contractor for references from former clients and follow through with calling them.

Get the Details in Writing

Once you have worked out the details with a contractor, go over the documents they prepare thoroughly. Make sure you understand exactly what it says. If you don’t, ask. Some of the details in the documents will be the price and the payment terms, the comprehensive list of work details, a site plan, the list of order for construction, a change-order clause, terms of an express limited warranty, schedule of primary construction tasks, dispute resolution clause and waiver of lien. Don’t sign until you are certain you understand every detail and that it seems fair.