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Tips on getting your children to write

Chances are when you were a kid you did not ENJOY writing quite as much as you do now. I was about 12 years old when I discovered that I actually liked to write. I started writing poems and short stories. As I got more interested in it I started typing my stories on a typewriter! (OK, now I am telling my age.)

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You may be wondering how in the world you can get your child or children to enjoy writing. I have some tips to help!

Write with them:
When I was young my mom and I used to write poems together and I always looked forward to spending that time with her. It helped me become a better writer and as I became better, I felt more confident and wrote even more!

Give them special “writing” gifts:
Buy some special journals, notebooks, pens and pencils that can be used only for writing. Allow your child access to your laptop to write his/her poems and stories. Create a unique space for your child to use the computer for writing by adding framed photos of the two of you together. After your child takes to writing, buy them a laptop of their very own!

Submit their work
Create an e-book with your child’s work and publish it with them online!

Make a blog
Make a blog together for your child to publish his/her thoughts. Add links to the e-books on their blog.

Encourage, encourage, encourage
Need I say more?

A great place in Raleigh, NC to purchase writing supplies would be: Target or Staples

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