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Tips on getting a promotion

Getting promoted
Getting promoted

Employers Do not hand out promotions to just anybody. If they think they are going to need someone to fill a vacated spot in their organization, they will be on the lookout for the best person for the job. That’s where you come in ….hopefully.

As an employer for eighteen years, just let me say It would not be the person that takes four or five breaks…or that is on their cell phone every five minutes…or that comes late to work frequently. In fact, that person may actually be in jeopardy of losing their job instead of getting a promotion.

Many employees have no interest in the organization they work for. Essentially, they are only interested in a paycheck and the benefits their job might offer. They do the basics, but find every opportunity they can to engage in non-work related activities. According to a recent survey about one-third of workers call in sick with fake illnesses or for not-so-legit reasons…” (Hanson, 2012).

A savvy employer will be aware of this type of employee and will overlook them when it comes for promotions, or demote or fire them if changes are not made. According to Forbes magazine, here are five things you can do to help yourself get that promotion:

1. Demonstrate a Strong Capacity for Growth

2. Possess an Attractive Attitude

3. Have the Courage to Think Big and Take Risks

4. Earn the Trust of Others

5. Be Loyal At All Costs

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"Getting promoted requires a lot more than just what your job description demands. As you begin to map-out your career goals for 2013, I strongly urge you to integrate these five principles into your plan. Hold yourself accountable. Be responsible. Allow your integrity to flourish.” (Glen Llopis, Forbes Magazine, writer)

How to be the one who gets the promotion


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