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Tips on finding the right jeans


A pair of classic sand-blasted jeans are great for an afternoon lunch,
or hanging out in over the weekend. Womens Laurel Canyon, $199

Jeans are an absolute staple for any closet, and even if you don't wear them out in public (for personal, or religious reasons) chances are, you probably still have a pair (or six) that you wear from time to time. Or all the time. Or even to bed.



You're right, no one wears jeans to bed. Well, maybe cowboys do. Didn't cowboys like, invent jeans? I'll Wiki that one, and get back to you.

Generally, I like to talk about the dos before I talk about the don'ts, but today is Opposite Day, so we're going to start with the don'ts. I mean, No, it's not Opposite Day – because that means it really is. I had to correct myself because if I said it was Opposite Day then that maens it's not, and I wouldn't want anyone to get confused.

So, here's the thing. Because Islam has a very clearly outlined, acceptable dress code for men and women, it has recently been brought to my attention that many Muslim women interpret their part of The Code to mean that they should buy everything two sizes too big. That is so not what The Code is, People. Firstly, there is no point in buying something that doesn't fit you. Ever. Either buy the right size, and hang on to it for private functions, or tweak the pieces in your wardrobe (i.e. swap jeans for a long skirt) so you can wear something in public that has a proper and appropriate Islamic fit.

When it comes to colors and fit your best bet (almost always) is to go with a dark wash with a straight leg. A dark wash looks good on everyone (they make you look long and lean) and a straight leg is versatile enough to wear with flats, heels, or boots. But having said that, you've got all your bases covered if you if you've got a wide-leg pair (great for work and with flats) a sand-blasted pair (for weekend meetups, and helping your friend paint her bedroom) and a straight leg (great with heels, and for an evening shindig). Remember that when in heels, the hem of your jean should be about a quarter inch from the floor, and when in flats, your jeans should almost touch the floor. And a general rule of thumb is to double check fit in terms of rise, length, waist band, and how your butt looks – oh, and as is the mantra of all who give fashion advice, if you have a pair of jeans you love, get them dry cleaned once a month-ish. It will be worth the investment in the long haul.

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