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Tips on Finding a Nice Guy

Are you single and looking for that special someone? Do you feel that no matter how many dates you go on you just keep landing frogs instead of princes? Truth is there are nice guys out there. Here are some tips on how to meet one of them:

1) Know the difference between a nice guy and a bad guy. A nice guy will give you your freedom and support. A bad guy will criticize you and not appreciate you.

2) Be careful what message you give out. First impressions do count. So whatever way you dress is the message what you are giving out.

3) Don't go to bars and clubs to find someone. Going out with your friends is okay but you are more likely to meet someone good in a bookstore than in a bar or club.

4) Be yourself. There are guys out there who are good and want relationships. If you are good don't try to be bad just to get a date. In the end your true colors come out and if the good guy is seeking a good girl he will discard you right away because of how you act.

5) Be well rounded. Sure looks are important but good guys like girls who can carry on with intellectual conversations. Show guys that you have depth and that you have personality.

Nice guys may be hard to find but they are out there. There is a right person for everybody and it is all about timing. Don't give up and waste your time on the wrong person. The right guy could be right around the corner so have faith and everything will fall into place.

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